South have had the pleasure of working with a talented and experienced team of New Zealand design practitioners in the launch of Kātoitoi, the Aotearoa Design Archive. Kātoitoi curates work that reflects contemporary design practice, the economic, societal and cultural impact of design throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The Archive examines emerging trends, shifting values, building professional archaeology of our people and practice.

Scope of Services

Brand & Campaign Design
Website Design
Motion Graphics
Print Collateral

Naming & Brand Narrative

Johnson McKay (Fly)
Karl Wixon (Arahia)

Web Development

Paul Phanoulas (New Territory)
Leo Sonnekus (New Territory)


Mark Easterbrook (Easterbrook)

Archive Founders

Louise Kellerman (Design Assembly)
Nicole Arnett Phillips (Design Assembly)


Geograph & Söhne by Kris Sowersby
Klim Type Foundry

The graphics featured are used in animated and static form to represent the archive’s 10 artist mediums: Motion – Kori, Packaging – Pūhera, Publication – Pukapuka, Digital Design – Toi Matihiko, Environmental – Kaupapa Taiao, Identity – Tuakiri, Typography – Momotuhi, Self-initiated – Tāku kaupapa, Student – Ākonga, Campaign – Pānuitanga.

Kātoitoi, he iti te rahi, he nui te kōrero.
Kātoitoi, whilst it may be small, its voice is large.

Kātoitoi Kātoitoi

Each of the graphic executions aim to capture the essence of the individual discipline and were reduced to two-tone graphics (black ink + archival paper off-white), relying heavily on use of space and composition. The resulting collection of graphics express the boldness and clarity of the brand’s voice whilst making a nod to the function-centric characteristics of historic archives.

Kātoitoi Kātoitoi
Kātoitoi Kātoitoi