Nathan Haines is a globally recognised Jazz musician, and long time studio friend of our creative director. His brief was to produce his new Give Thanks music video and album artwork, thanks to NZ On Air.

The art direction and tone for the video and artwork is modern, industrial underground jazz, with a soft and utilitarian graphic edge. The geometric graphic block system has a Venetian style to its makeup, with a unique silver and pink colour pairing which moves in a range of formats and outcomes creating the narrative for the project.

South produced a studio shoot, with jazz musicians playing in a silver room with lighting effects. The track was then remixed by legends Mark De Clive Lo, and Frank Booker, and new video media of the studio remix was produced. The edit is an ALL IN approach with the content we shot. We cut, mashed and layered everything into many interesting treatments to find magic in the variety, the Venetian graphic pattern narrative helps stitch it all together. The Album artwork and comms are paired back versions of everything.


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Nathan Haines Nathan Haines
Nathan Haines
Nathan Haines